PASSPort Highlights

Digital Enrollment and Real-Time Management

  • Create vendor accounts online.
  • Complete vendor and principal questionnaires within hours.
  • Update vendor questionnaires in real-time.
  • Digitally certify disclosures.
  • View and respond to performance evaluations.

Identify and Respond to Opportunities

Procurement Navigator

  • Identify business opportunities through a public digital portal – the RFx Roadmap, a central repository for City contracting opportunities – that allows for tailored searching and early notification of upcoming solicitations.
  • Tools to assist vendors in quickly assessing a solicitation, including overview screens that highlight key information such as service delivery location, contract value and term, and staffing requirements.
  • Draft and submit responses through digital screens that streamline and sequence questions and information requests.
  • Finding RFx Video


  • Learn of awards immediately, in-system.

Track Your Contract

  • Track contract progress toward registration through the digital milestone tracker – understand what steps are completed, what more are necessary and the length of time for each.
  • Negotiate contracts directly in-system.
  • Collaborate and communicate directly with Agency staff about contracts through in-system chat functionality.

Digital Signatures


  • Contract packages prepared and sent to registration. 

Contract Management

  • Initiate change orders and amendments in-system.

Invoice Online

  • Centralized, digital invoicing and payment platform that allows for submission and tracking online.
  • Currently in place for Requirements Contracts – will begin rolling out Citywide in 2021.

Requirements Contracts: Digital Purchasing, Invoicing and Receipt of Delivery

  • Requirements contracts managed online.
  • Standard, digital purchase orders sent in-system from Agencies to vendors.
  • Electronic invoicing through in-system functionality.
  • Digital delivery confirmation through the system, facilitating more rapid payment.

Dashboards and Metrics

  • Manage your business with key metrics and data points.
  • Customize information to effectively plan and forecast.