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Watch the Member Training #1 Video - 06/29/20


  • The Role of the Office
  • How a Community Board Meeting Runs
  • How to Write a Resolution
  • Robert's Rules of Order

Watch the Member Training #2 Video - 07/07/20


  • Work and Operations of three CB 3 committees:
  • SLA & DCA Licensing
  • Landmarks
  • Land Use

Meeting Facilitation Training - 05/25/23

Watch the Conflict of Interests Board Member Training Video - 09/21/22

CEC Training Archive: Parliamentary Rules and Procedures

Motions and Amendment
PMNY CB Motions and Amendment Workshop - August 2020

Nominations and Election
PMNY CB Nominations and Elections Presentation - August 2020

Secretary and Effective Minutes Taking
PMNY CB Secretary Workshop - Sept 17 2020

Additional Resources
A guide to parliamentary procedure for New York City community boards handbook