Application Materials

Application Materials

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IDNYC Applications for Applicants 14 Years and Older

In order to apply for your IDNYC card, you must have an IDNYC application. Applications are available at the IDNYC Enrollment Centers or you can print one out here. You cannot sign the application electronically. You must sign the application in handwriting.

IDNYC Applications for 10-13 Year Old Applicants

In order to apply for your IDNYC card, you must have an IDNYC application. Applications are available at the IDNYC Enrollment Centers or you can print one out here. Applicants ages 10-13 must apply in person with a Caretaker, who will sign the application. Applicants ages 10-13 cannot fill out online applications.

IDNYC Applicant Document Guides

The IDNYC Applicant Document Guide provides an overview of the documents that can be used to apply for the IDNYC card. The guide indicates each document's point value and the category that it proves, e.g., identity, residency, caretaker relationship, etc.

U.S. Veteran Designation

U.S. Veterans can have a special Veterans' logo Veterans' logo printed on the front of their IDNYC cards.

Proof of Residency for Applicants who are Homeless or Survivors of Domestic Violence

An applicant who does not have a stable home address, or who is a survivor of domestic violence, may prove residency by providing a letter from a City agency, nonprofit organization, religious institution, hospital, or health clinic, establishing that they live in New York City. If an applicant uses one of these letters, he or she will be eligible for an IDNYC card, but no address will appear on it.

Alternatively, a nonprofit organization or religious institution may provide a letter permitting an applicant to use the organization's address as your "care-of" address, which will appear on the applicant's card.

Letters for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Letters for Homeless Applicants

Proof of Residency for Students and their Parents or Guardians

IDNYC also has proof of residency letters for students and parents/guardians of students attending a school located in New York City. These letters are provided below.

NYC DOE School Letters

Letters for all other Schools Located in New York City

Residency Attestation Form for a Spouse or Domestic Partner

An applicant who is unable to provide a residency document with their own name, may present a document with their spouse or domestic partner's name and either (1) a certificate of marriage, civil union or domestic partnership or (2) a child's birth certificate, demonstrating the applicant's relationship to the spouse or domestic partner. The applicant must also present an attestation form signed by the spouse or domestic partner stating that they reside together at the same address. The attestation form is provided below.

Applicants Applying with a Caretaker

An applicant applying with a caretaker must provide at least 2 points proving identity, including date of birth. The applicant and caretaker must also provide proof of the caretaker relationship. The caretaker must provide at least 3 points proving his or her own identity, including photo identification. If the applicant is unable to provide a proof of residency document, the caretaker may establish their own proof of residency and provide an attestation that the applicant resides with them.

In order to apply with a caretaker an applicant must fall under one of the two following categories: (1) applicants age 10-21 and (2) applicants of any age with a disability. Below are the documents that an applicant can use to apply with a caretaker.

Caretaker's Attestation Forms for Applicants Age 10 - 21

An applicant age 10 to 21 who does not have a photo ID or proof of residency will need a caretaker to come with them to an Enrollment Center. If the applicant cannot provide a proof of residency document, and lives with their caretaker, the caretaker can provide their own proof of residency and fill out an attestation form indicating that the applicant lives with them. The attestation form is provided below.

IDNYC also has a residency attestation form specifically for an applicant who is in the care of ACS or an ACS foster care agency. This form is provided below.

Letters to Prove Residency and Caretaker Relationship for Applicants with Disabilities

An applicant age 10 or older with disabilities who lacks photo identification or proof of residency may apply if accompanied by a caretaker who can demonstrate proof of a relationship to the applicant. The caretaker will need to provide proof of the caretaker relationship and/or residency, using the letters listed below. Some of these letters require additional documentation, such as a proof of residency for either the caretaker or applicant. All of the letters below can be used for any applicant age 10 or older. For more details you can visit the IDNYC Document Calculator.

Caretaker Residency Attestation Form for an Applicant of any Age

Letter for Applicant Living in a Residential Caretaker Facility

Letter for Applicant who Receives Services from NYS OPWDD; NYS OMH; NYS DOH; NYC DOHMH or one of their Providers

Letter for on Organization Acting as the Social Security Representative Payee for an Applicant

Brochures and Benefit Guide

IDNYC Brochure

The IDNYC Brochure can be found on the Locations page.

IDNYC Benefits Guide

The IDNYC Benefits Guide can be found on the Benefits page.

IDNYC Financial Brochure

This IDNYC Financial Brochure can be found on the Banks and Credit Unions page.

IDNYC Middle School Card

IDNYC Middle School Card Application