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FHEPS is a rent supplement for families with children who receive Cash Assistance and have been evicted or are facing eviction, who lost their housing due to a domestic violence situation, or who have lost their housing because of health or safety issues. Formerly known as the Family Eviction Prevention Supplement (FEPS), the program has been expanded to include survivors of domestic violence and their children, as per under Social Services Law Sec. 459-a(1). Additionally, administration of the program is transitioning from the State to the City. Potentially eligible families in the community can apply for FHEPS at an HRA Benefits Access Center or begin the process by submitting a special grant request on ACCESS HRA, if the family is already in receipt of Cash Assistance.

Important FHEPS Information

General Eligibility Requirements

While all decisions for FHEPS are made on a case-by-case basis, there are some general eligibility requirements you should be aware of:

  • Household mut be eligible for and getting Cash Assistance; and
  • Household must contain at least one:
    • child under 18 years old, or
    • child 18 years old but is also a full-time student regularly attending a secondary school, or a similar level of vocational or technical training, or
    • a pregnant individual


To Stay in Your Apartment

  • FHEPS to stay helps pay back rent to avoid eviction, even if you are not in court.
  • You must have a child under age 18 in your household.
  • You must have an active Cash Assistance (CA) case.
    • Apply for CA and for FHEPS on the ACCESS HRA site or the mobile app by selecting: “help with rent arrears” in your CA application.
    • If you get CA, apply for FHEPS on the ACCESS HRA site or mobile app and select “help with an emergency,” then “rent arrears.”
    • Answer as many questions and upload as much proof of your eligibility as you can.

To Move to a New Apartment

  • FHEPS to move helps pay for rent to move into a new apartment because you were evicted within the past 12 months, or are being evicted and cannot stay in your apartment (e.g., building was condemned, home is in foreclosure, etc.)


To Request or Report a Change that may affect your FHEPS Amount (also called a “modification”)

  • You must report changes in your household that may affect your benefits, including FHEPS. This includes things like an increase in rent, a change in your income, a new household member, or other changes. After you report the change, we will let you know how it impacts your case.
  • To report the change(s), visit the ACCESS HRA site or use the mobile app and select “submit a case change.” You can also submit a change in person, by mail, or fax. Call or visit 311 for Benefits Access Center location or contact information. 
  • Upload as much proof of the change as you can with your change request.


To get your FHEPS back (also called a “restoration”)

  • If your household was getting FHEPS but stopped, you may be able to get your FHEPS put back on your case, if you are still eligible.
  • Visit the ACCESS HRA site or open the mobile app and select “help with an emergency” and “rent arrears” even if you do not yet owe any rent.
  • Answer as many of the questions and upload as much proof as you can with your request.

For more information, download the following forms:

Register an Apartment

If you are a landlord or broker, please contact a Home Support Specialist with the Public Engagement Unit at 929-221-0047 or visit to discuss how you can lease apartments with rental assistance programs.

Tenant’s Declaration of Hardship During the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Emergency Eviction & Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2020

FHEPS Documentation for Providers

FHEPS Documentation for Landlords and Brokers