Request or Cancel an Inspection

Effective 9/7/2021 you must now request all Inspections / Building System Tests, and all cancellations for scheduled Inspections / Tests online on FDNY Business. See instructions below to get started.

Access FDNY Business

FDNY Business requires a user account on (NYC.ID).

Getting Started

Learn how to start using FDNY Business:

Inspection Forms

Request a Fire Alarm Inspection, Re-Inspection, Remote Video Inspection or Cancellation:

Effective 09/14/2020 we have consolidated Fire Alarm forms B-45, B-45B and B-45M used to:

  • Schedule an Initial Inspection and/or Continuation of an Inspection
  • Request an Overtime Inspection
  • Request a Remote Video Inspection (as of 12/1/2020)
  • Cancel an Inspection

Fire Alarm Inspection requests will no longer be accepted on previous versions of the form. Initial Inspection requests must be completed in-person. See instructions in B-45 for filing details.

Request a Remote Video Inspection (RVI) – re-inspections only

Effective 12/1/2020, Remote Video Inspections (RVI) will be available for the re-inspection of previously issued Notices of Defects in accordance with the Fire Alarm Inspection Unit Bulletin # 11-20-2020. RVI allows inspections to occur using digital video technology, without the need for the inspector to physically be present during the inspection.

How to Perform A Remote Video Inspection

How to conduct Remote Video Inspections (RVI) using digital video technology. (For the re-inspection of previously issued Fire Alarm Notices of Defects)

Submit Certification of Corrected Defects

Effective 12/1/2020, Licensed Professionals (S-89 and S-99 COF Holders) can certify the correction of defects listed on the Notice of Defects without a reinspection.

See 3RCNY §104-04 and Form FA-26 for details and submission instructions:

Submit Documentation to Cure Notices of Defects

Effective 4/12/2021, COF Holders S-88, S-99, R-01, R-02 can email documentation to satisfy Notices of Defects when only paperwork is needed.

Looking to Schedule an On-Site Test?

The FDNY conducts on-site tests to ensure compliance of the New York City Fire Code and Fire Department Rules.

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