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NYCEM volunteers hand out Ready NY materials

Watch the videos below to learn more about emergency preparedness. Additional videos can be viewed on the agency's YouTube channel.

Ready New York: COVID-19

It's important for New Yorkers to be prepared for all emergencies, including public health emergencies like COVID-19. Watch Ready New York: COVID-19 for information on how to make a plan, gather supplies, stay informed, and more.

What's Your Plan?

Working with NYC Media and Next Millennium Productions, NYC Emergency Management has developed two Ready New York: What's Your Plan? videos that detail the importance of having an emergency plan. The short films — "Hindsight is 20/20" and "A Well-Planned Escape" — have won recognition in the 35th annual Telly Awards, as well as the 2015 Summit Creative Awards. The latest editions — "Caught Off-Guard" and "Prepared for the Worst" — specifically address the planning steps and resources designed to help people with disabilities, and others with access and functional needs, prepare for emergencies. 

Ready Kids Cartoons

NYC Emergency Management teamed up with campers at the Police Athletic League Beacon Summer Camp at the Goldie Maple Academy in the Rockaways to create two cartoons about emergency preparedness. The campers drew original cartoon characters, wrote scripts, and recorded voice-overs and songs for the cartoons.

Ready NYC app 

Based on the Ready New York campaign, Ready NYC is a mobile application that allows users to make an emergency plan.
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Readiness Challenge

Test your emergency planning skills with the Readiness Challenge, an online tool that puts users in a real-life emergency situation and challenges them to make quick decisions.
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Ready New York Advertisements

Since 2009, NYC Emergency Management has worked with the Ad Council to help New Yorkers prepare for emergencies. These public service announcements focus on the idea that it is up to you to make a plan for you and your family.
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Resolve to Be Ready Downloadable Calendar

NYC Emergency Management encourages New Yorkers to be ready by downloading the Resolve to Be Ready calendar. Filled with regular reminders broken out into small, simple steps, the calendar can help you work preparedness into your schedule.
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