Plan for Hazards

Flooded road

New York City is no stranger to natural and man-made hazards. Learn how to plan ahead for these hazards by visiting the webpages on the left.

Hazard Mitigation

Hazard mitigation is any cost-effective and sustained action taken to reduce the long-term risk to human life, property, and infrastructure from hazards. These actions leads to building stronger, safer and smarter.
Learn more about hazard mitigation in New York City and the Reduce Your Risk Landscape

Reduce Your Risk

While it is important for you to protect yourself and your families from emergencies, it is also important to protect your property. Here are some of the steps you can take:

  • Get insurance. Review your renters or homeowner's insurance policy to understand what is covered from hazards. For example, protection against loss due to floods is typically not covered under a homeowner's policy.
  • Hire a professional. Hire a New York State-licensed Registered Architect or Professional Engineer to check the condition of your property. These professionals also can determine the best option for retrofitting to your home, which means altering the existing structure to reduce or eliminate the possibility of damage.
  • Clean your property, including your roof, crawlspaces, vents, decks/patios, and gutters, and dispose of any debris that could become projectiles during a storm. Tip: if severe weather is expected in your area, tie down any loose items, such as outdoor furniture, that may become projectiles.

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