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Ready Girl

Ready Girl is an award-winning program that teaches children and their families about how to be prepared for emergencies.

Ready Girl is a superhero, emergency manager, artist, and lover of all things pizza. When she isn't saving New York City from emergencies, Ready Girl is teaching kids how to be ready and create an emergency plan. Before she was a superhero, Ready Girl was just like any city kid — she went to school, went to art classes and liked to play outside with her dog and her brother. During Hurricane Sandy, Ready Girl saved her family from the rising water and heavy winds, and soon realized that she had superpowers for emergencies. Ever since then, Ready Girl has been saving NYC from emergencies and teaching kids how to be safe. Get ready and get safe with Ready Girl!

A Message from Ready Girl

My name is Ready Girl, and I'm a superhero. I have taught many kids in NYC about such dangers as floods, hurricanes and winter storms. There are about 8 million people in New York, and it's a little hard to teach them all about being prepared, but with a little help, you can become a superhero just like me!

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