Community Preparedness

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Emergencies affect every community differently, but you can help your community be prepared and resilient. NYC Emergency Management helps local organizations build capacity within their community to prepare for, respond to, and recover from an emergency. This includes training classes and events, preparedness and emergency information, preparedness resources for disability, access and functional needs populations, and connecting established community networks to the City's Emergency Operations Center during a disaster.

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Community Emergency Planning Toolkit

Community Emergency Planning Toolkit

Help your community become more resilient! Learn about how New York City plans for hazards and how your organization can help your community create its own emergency plan.

What is in this toolkit?

  • New York City specific guidance for emergency planning
  • Examples of other community emergency planning efforts

Who is it for?

This toolkit is designed to be a group process. You define your own community — successful planning has been done by housing developments, congregations, neighborhoods, etc. Examples of groups that could use the toolkit include:

  • Tenant or civic associations
  • Faith-based groups
  • Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)
  • Community-based organizations
  • Community boards/coalitions

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Community Preparedness Boot Camp

The Community Preparedness program offers a Community Preparedness Boot Camp. The training uses the Community Emergency Planning Toolkit to assist local organizations with emergency planning, and connects them with NYC Emergency Management's resources. 

Training Objectives

  • Learn how to develop an emergency plan and make your community more resilient.
  • Deepen existing knowledge about your community and government emergency planning and response.
  • Understand your community's vulnerability to emergency situations and create resource directories.
  • Provide opportunities to make new connections and start building your own community network.
  • Create a communication plan, and learn how to connect your neighborhood to community and government resources during an emergency.
  • Integrate community organizations and faith groups into government planning and response.

Contact the program if your organization is interested in participating in the next Community Preparedness Boot Camp.

More Resources

Share Your Space Survey

The Share Your Space Survey is critical to helping the City prepare for emergencies and outreach to all of the City's communities. Organizations citywide are encouraged to participate.
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Learn how New York City plans for specific hazards and what community leaders can do to mitigate impacts of emergencies.