Health Code and Rules

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Health Code
Article Number Description
1 Short Title and General Definitions
3 General Provisions
5 Permits
9 Petitioning Board to Commence Rulemaking
Petitioning Board to Commence Rulemaking: Petition Form
11 Reportable Diseases, Conditions
13 Laboratories
15 Handling Live Pathogenic Organisms
43 School Based Programs for Children Ages 3 Through 5
45 Schools and Children's Institutions
47 Child Care Programs and Family Shelter-Based Drop-off Child Supervision Programs
48 Summer Camps
48-A Year-Round After-School and Youth
49 Schools
51 Children's Institutions
71 Food, Drugs and Cosmetics
81 Food Preparation and Food Establishments
88 Temporary Food Establishments
89 Mobile Food Vending
115 Formula Preparation
131 Buildings Generally
139 Public Transportation Facilities
141 Water Supply Safety Standards
143 Disposal of Sewage
151 Rodents, Insects, Other Pests
161 Animals
163 Barber Shops
165 Bathing Establishments
167 Bathing Beaches
173 Hazardous Substances
175 Radiation Control
177 Tanning Facilities
181 Protection of Public Health Generally
201 Births
203 Termination of Pregnancy
205 Deaths and Disposal of Human Remains
207 General Vital Statistics Provisions

Commissioners Regulations

Chapters of Title 24 of The Rules of The City of New York
Chapter Chapter Description
1 Required Signs
3 Performance Summary Cards and Penalties for Child Care Programs (effective 1/29/18)
4 Health, Safety & Well-Being of Rental Horses
5 Pet Shops
6 Mobile Food Vending
7 Adjudicatory Hearings and Violation Fines and Penalties
8 Cooling Towers
9 Raw Salt-Cured Air-Dried Fish
10 Smoking and the Use Of Electronic Cigarettes Under The New York City Smoke-Free Air Act.
12 Window Guards
13 Cigarette and Tobacco Product Sales
14 Cleaning Park Playground Equipment
16 Criteria for Issuing Special Vehicle Identification Permits to Disabled Persons
17 Tripartite General Orders
18 Resuscitation Equipment in Public Places
19 Waiting List Rules for Temporary Mobile Food Unit Permits
21 Rules Describing Health Academy Training Courses and Prescribing Fees to be Charged by the Department to Defray the Costs Incurred in Administering These Courses
22 Tattooists & Applying Tattoos
23 Food Service Establishment Sanitary Inspection Procedure
24 Automated External Defibrillators in Certain Public Places
25 Service of Final Orders in Assisted Outpatient Treatment
26 Establishment and Maintenance of Separate Borough Specific Waiting Lists for Those Seeking Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Permits
27 Food Allergy Information
28 Restriction on the Sale of Certain Flavored Tobacco Products, Flavored Electronic Cigarettes and Flavored E-Liquid
29 Animal Population Control Program
30 Volatile Organic Compounds in Carpet & Carpet Cushion
31 Drinking Water Tank Inspections
32 Dogs in Outdoor Dining Areas
33 Operation of Body Scanners in Correctional Facilities
34 Grocery Delivery Program
35 Designating Rat Mitigation Zones