Older Adult Centers

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Older Adult Centers

There are more than 300 older adult centers (OACs) and affiliated sites throughout the five boroughs that provide healthy meals, fun activities, classes, fitness programs and social services.

Older adult center membership is free and open to all New Yorkers, ages 60 and older. Both in-person and virtual activities are designed to meet the needs of members. There are many benefits to attending an OAC. Studies have shown that older adults report feeling healthier, more positive and less socially isolated after becoming members of an OAC. Below are some of the activities and services offered at OACs.

We encourage older New Yorkers to visit their local OAC today. Find a center near you.

Food and Nutrition

OACs offer meals that are healthy and nutritious.

In neighborhoods with diverse populations, centers provide culturally aligned meals that are representative of the community. All meals are reviewed and approved by NYC Aging nutrition staff to ensure they are nutritious and meet dietary guidelines and standards, such as filling half of the plate with fruits and vegetables. Some centers also offer breakfast, dinner and grab-and-go options.

Centers also host workshops and trainings on nutrition and healthy cooking, to help older adults make good decisions on their health and diet.

Meals served at older adult centers and through the home delivered meals program are required to meet all city, state and federal nutrition and food safety guidelines. In addition, we are working with our service providers to re-envision aging services food provision to enhance quality, efficiency and sustainability of meals served. To find out more specific information on the meals, please click here to search for an older adult center near you and contact them for more information on their menu.

Classes and Activities

OACs offer fun activities, in addition to classes that teach new skills and learning. Some of the classes and activities, you can see in our centers include:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Music and Theater Arts
  • Computer classes
  • Dominos, Bingo, Chess and Ping-Pong
  • Gardening
  • Recreational day trips
  • Holiday and birthday celebrations
  • and much more..

Contact your local OAC for a full list of activities and classes.

Connection to City Programs, Resources and Social Services

Staff at OACs help their members with resources and programs, like accessing benefits and entitlements, including Medicare/Medicaid, SCRIE, and SNAP.

Some centers also offer transportation services for essential medical and social service appointments for people who lack access to transportation or cannot use public transportation.

On-site and virtual mental health services are also provided at over 80 OACs through the Department for the Aging’s Mental Health Initiative.

Fitness and Health Promotion

OACs also keep members active and engaged through fitness and exercise programs, as well as proven effective evidence-based classes. In addition, centers offer trainings and workshops on health prevention and how to manage chronic illnesses and preventing falls at home. Some fitness programs and workshops you may see at your local OAC include:

  • Walking clubs
  • Yoga
  • Chair exercises
  • Tai chi
  • Dance class and Zumba
  • Chronic disease self-management classes for people with arthritis, diabetes, and high blood pressure
  • Falls prevention workshops
  • Presentations on cardiovascular health, stress and other health challenges

Diversity and Inclusion

The Department for the Aging is committed to building a community of inclusion and equity. We fund OACs for special populations, including SAGE Centers across the city and the Queens Center for Gay Seniors, which serve LGBTQ+ elders. There is also VISIONS at Selis Manor Senior Center for blind and visually impaired older adults.

Services, classes, virtual programs, and schedules differ at individual OACs. We recommend you contact your local OAC for more information or call Aging Connect at 212-AGING-NY (212-244-6469) for more information.

Join us! Visit your local older adult center today.