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NYC Aging Activities Finder

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    NYC Aging’s Activities Finder makes it easier to search for events and activities that meet the interests of older New Yorkers, and their caregivers. You can find the closest one to you and whether they are available virtually or in-person. Click here to join the fun. 

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Older Adult Center

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    Older adult centers allow residents to age in place, in the communities they want to be in. Join Us at one of the over 300 centers across New York City for nutritious meals, exercise classes and access to other city resources.

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Ageless New York

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NYC Aging Services and Activities Finders

Connect with services and participate in activities with the Department for the Aging. Using the finders below, you can locate the closest provider near you, or see what programs you want to participate in, either online or in-person. We look forward to seeing you!

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