Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities

A group of older adults taking a fitness class stretch their hands up to the ceiling.
Health and fitness classes are offered at many NORCS.

Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORC) are a housing development or a building that over time have become home to many older adults. There are around 60 NORCs in New York City that have a social service provider that offers services to older residents. The Department for the Aging funds 36 of them.

Every NYC Aging-funded NORC provides services and activities that help residents stay engaged, healthy and active, and help them age in their homes, among family and friends.

To find the closest NYC Aging-funded NORC near you, visit the Find Services page, where you can also see a list of programs they provide.

  • Case Management – If a NORC staff member determines a resident is in need of in-home services, the individual is connected with a case management service agency who can deliver nutritious meals and provide home care attendant assistance.
  • Case Assistance – Residents are connected to public benefits and entitlement programs, community services and other resources.
  • Healthcare Management and Assistance – To address an individual’s immediate and ongoing healthcare needs, residents meet individually with a healthcare professional to identify and help manage chronic conditions.
  • Health Promotion – The goal of these services is to maximize the health and wellbeing of NORC residents. The programs may include blood pressure screenings, yoga and Tai Chi classes.

Based on the needs of the NORC, some may provide additional services including education/recreational programming and transportation. NORCs may also collaborate with community partners to organize open-houses, intergenerational programs and volunteer opportunities.