Programmatic Resources

The following posters, toolkits and guides are resources that the Department for the Aging's community partners have found useful as they work with us to create successful programs and provide services to older adults.

Older Adult Center Bill of Rights

All NYC Aging funded older adult centers are required by City law to post and honor the older adult Bill of Rights. 

Providing Evidence-Based Health Promotion Programs

The National Council on Aging has information on why evidence-based health practices are important for older adults and how best to implement them.

Elder Abuse Awareness

A study from NYC Aging and other organizations found that 76 in 1,000 older New York state residents were victims of elder abuse during a one-year period. A NYC Aging ad campaign that portrays elder abuse also raises awareness about the issue.

Local Providers

Find local providers for elder abuse, case-management, and other services on our Find Services page.

Intergenerational Programs

Read NYC Aging’s report on Good Practices in Intergenerational Programming: Models Advancing Policy, Practice, and Research

Materials for the Arts

Any older adult center or community program with an established arts program can join the Materials for the Arts program, which is sponsored by the NYC Departments of Cultural Affairs, Sanitation, and Education. 

Creativity Matters: The Arts and Aging Toolkit

You can find detailed advice and examples for art programs on the National Center for Creative Aging's website.