Energy-Efficient Operations and Maintenance

A City staff person wearing a face mask and gloves outside of a facility using a portable coil cleaner to clean condenser coils as part of a preventative maintenance program.

To realize the greatest energy usage and emissions reductions from the City's capital investments, the City's buildings must be in a state of good repair and operating as efficiently as possible, even before investments are made. DCAS works to support operations and maintenance best practices across the City’s portfolio of buildings with this in mind, focusing on addressing maintenance issues for the worst-performing, most carbon-intensive buildings.

  • Retro-commissioning Work

    Retro-commissioning projects are repair projects that ensure that a building's energy systems and equipment were installed as intended by their design, and are being properly operated and maintained.

  • Preventative Maintenance Collaborative

    DCAS launched the Preventative Maintenance Collaborative (PMC) Program to support the implementation of operations and maintenance (O&M) best practices, and create a state of good repair at energy-intensive City buildings. Through the PMC Program, DCAS offers agencies technical expertise and resources to improve maintenance of their building equipment and systems.

  • Field Equipment Lending Library

    DCAS, in collaboration with the City University of New York's Building Performance Lab, connects City staff to both training and the tools to diagnose building issues and training, enabling City staff to borrow energy-related field testing and diagnostic equipment to evaluate the performance of their buildings and identify operational issues.