Immigrant Workers

Workers in NYC are covered by many labor and employment laws, regardless of immigration status. Get an overview of the worker protections available to you. Below are additional information helpful for immigrant workers

*Important Updates Due to COVID-19*

Get DCWP Alerts and Information During COVID-19 Crisis, including DCWP services online only, workplace laws, price gouging complaints, and scams and safety tips.


The City offers safe, free immigration legal screenings in your community, in your own language. Visit ActionNYC website or call 311 and say "ActionNYC"

City Resources for Immigrants

The City of New York supports all its residents. Everyone, including undocumented immigrants, can access most City services, such as going to school or using the healthcare system or other City services. Get a quick and easy road map of city services available to all New Yorkers, courtesy of Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs.

Consumer Protection Tips for Immigrants

Immigrants face unique challenges in the workplace and marketplace. Get tips about your rights and where to turn for help.

Social Security Administration No-Match Letters

A Social Security Administration (SSA) “Employer Correction Request” notice, or no-match letter, is intended to alert an employer about a mismatch between employee name and/or Social Security number (SSN) information the employer filed and the SSA’s records that may affect the accuracy of an employee’s earnings record for purposes of Social Security benefits. The SSA resumed issuing these letters to employers in March 2019, after several years of not doing so. SSA no-match letters do not address employee’s work authorization or immigration status; mismatches may exist for many reasons, including typos, clerical errors, or unreported name chances. Learn more about SSA no-match letters.

U-Visa Information

Download U-Visa Certification Application Form

Visit the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs website for additional information on U or T Visas