Cure DCWP Violations

Under the Cure Law, a business has the opportunity to certify that it has cured (correct) without a fine certain first-time violations.

If your business receives a summons with a charge for violating one of the “curable” laws or rules, you will have the opportunity to avoid a fine by submitting to Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP)—formerly the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA)—proof that you cured the violation within 30 days of the date of the summons.

Your business will learn about the opportunity to cure a violation(s) through an Offer of Settlement, which you may receive by mail, email, or text. The Offer of Settlement will indicate which violation(s) you can cure.

You can submit the completed, signed Cure Certification by mail, email, online, or in person by appointment only. You can use the mail option only if you certify that your business cured all violations.

Submit the Cure Certification in ONE of the following ways:

Read Curable Violations FAQs, including a full list of curable violations (Updated 4/1/2022)