Support Permitting Agency

Department of Buildings

The Department of Buildings (DOB) promotes the safety of all people that build, work, and live in New York City by regulating the lawful use of over one million buildings and construction sites across the five boroughs. With a focus on safety, service, and integrity, the Department enforces the City's Construction Codes, Zoning Resolution, and the New York State Multiple Dwelling Law.

DOB permits include:

  • Temporary Place of Assembly Permit: You will need to apply for a Temporary Place of Assembly Permit (TPA) for temporary premises where 75 or more members of the public gather indoors or 200 or more gather outdoors, for religious, recreational, educational, political or social purposes, or to consume food or drink. A TPA is issued for events lasting less than 30 days.
  • Temporary Structure Permit: You will need to obtain a DOB Alteration Type 2 or 3 permit if you intend to build or erect a temporary structure for your special event. This will include a stage, press platform or scaffolding that exceeds two feet in height and covers an area of 120 square feet or more. You will also need this permit if your stage, press platform or scaffolding will be in place for 30 days or more, if you will have a prop or a truss at this event that is higher than 10 feet in height, or if you intend to use a tent or canopy that is more than 400 gross square feet or if the tent or canopy will be in place for 30 days or more.
  • Crane and Derrick Permit: You would need this permit if any cranes are required during the construction or duration of your event.
  • After Hours Variances: You will need an After Hours Variance to perform construction after hours, which are between 6pm and 7am on weekdays or any time on weekends.