About Citywide Event Coordination and Management

New York City is the backdrop for many iconic events. From special events like the visit of Pope Francis and New Year's Eve in Times Square to local community events like block parties, the Mayor's Office of Citywide Event Coordination and Management (CECM) supports all applicants as they plan their upcoming events.

CECM provides oversight on all event permitting activities; advises and assists the Mayor in the coordination of policies, procedures and operations in relation to permitting; and reviews the coordination of street activities and pedestrian plaza events.

We also work directly with other permitting agencies to ensure active communication with residents, community boards and business improvement districts, so events in our City are both safe and enjoyable for all.


What is CECM's role?


What is CECM’s ROLE within the NYC Events Community & Constituency?

Direct and improve communication and cooperation regarding citywide event activities to advance public safety and improve overall service to individuals and organizations seeking to organize street events and other activities requiring the issuance of permits. Serve as repository and clearinghouse of information for upcoming and on-going special events.


What is CECM’s ROLE within the NYC Government?

Elevate interagency coordination to enhance communication and cooperation among various agencies involved in the issuance of permits. Ensure that affected agencies are provided with timely information for proper advance planning to avoid unnecessary disruptions to vehicular and pedestrian traffic and excessive noise in neighborhoods hosting events.


What is CECM’s ROLE within the NYC Mayor’s Office?

Advise and assist the Mayor in the coordination of policies, plans, procedures, and operations common to the permitting, review, and coordination and management of SAPO street and plaza events as well as other agency permitted event activities citywide.