Skilled Trades Project Requirements:
Sprinkler: Allowable Work Without A Registered Design Professional

Permit requirements are tied to the project’s scope of work, and the permits are regulated by nature of work and licensing requirements for the work to be performed.  For example, certain sprinkler work can only be performed by a Licensed Master Plumber (LMP) or a Fire Suppression Contractor (LFSC) with a specialized license to perform the required work, and permits are issued to registered trade license holders.

  • Class A.  The holder of a Class A Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractor License is authorized to perform all fire suppression work.
  • Class B.  The holder of a Class B Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractor License is authorized to perform work on all sprinkler and fire standpipe systems.
  • Class C.  The holder of a Class C Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractor License is authorized to perform work that is categorized as fire extinguishing systems.

Sprinkler Systems Project

When a sprinkler project exceeds the work allowed under the following two limited alteration categories, a design professional must submit construction plans for approval by the Department in order to obtain work permit.

Limited Sprinkler Alterations

Chapter 1 of the Administrative Code under §28-101.5 provides definition of Limited Sprinkler Alteration as an alteration to a sprinkler system that is limited in scope that a licensed Fire Suppression Piping Contractor can do, falling into one of the following categories:

Category – 1: Cost and time period limitation – $35,000 cost limitation per building including appliance and labor in any 12 month period – only the following can be done:
  1. Replacement of parts required for the operation of a sprinkler system;

  2. Changes that do not alter the type of sprinkler system;

  3. Relocation of piping that does not affect the operation of the sprinkler system;

  4. Rearrange Sprinkler Heads.  Rearrange not more than 20 sprinkler heads in areas classified in light hazard occupancy, in restaurant service areas classified in Group 1 ordinary hazard occupancy, or in mercantile areas classified in Group 2 ordinary hazard occupancy; or

  5. New Sprinkler Heads.  Install up to five new sprinkler heads off of an existing sprinkler system

Category – 2: No cost and time period limitation – only the following work can be done:
  1. Sprinkler Heads for Existing Sprinkler System.  Replacement of sprinkler heads, provided that orifice sizes, type and deflector positions remain the same. 


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