Skilled Trades Project Requirements:
Electrical Systems: Allowable Work by a Licensed Master Electrician Without a Registered Design Professional Submitting Construction Documents for Department Approval

General and Minor Electrical Work, as outlined below, do not require a Registered Design Professional.

General Electrical Work

All electrical work, other than electrical installations of 1,000 KVA or larger, can be performed by a NYC Licensed Master Electrician, with a permit and a required inspection performed by the DOB.

Minor Electrical Work

Replacement and repairs, listed below, requires a NYC Licensed Master Electrician and an electrical permit, but does not require a DOB Inspection, for this type of work.

Replacement and repairs:

  1. replacement of defective circuit breakers/switches (30amps and under) excluding main service disconnects;

  2. replacement of electrical panels parts (150 volts and under to ground);

  3. replacement of minor elevator parts;

  4. replacement of defective controls (30 amps and under);

  5. repair of defective fixtures;

  6. replacement of fixtures in existing outlets (no more than 5 fixtures; no increase in wattage;

  7. replacement, repair, disconnection or reconnection of motors (1 horsepower and under), and associated devices;

  8. repairs to low pressure heating plants (capacity under 15lbs/

  9. installation of any ten or fewer units not requiring the installation of an additional branch circuit

  10. Installation of motors of fractional horsepower; and

  11. Installation of transformers rated at one thousand volt amperes or less

Electrical Systems

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