Registrant Project Requirements:
Sidewalk Shed Work & Inspections

Special and Progress Inspections

There are no required DOB inspections solely for the use of construction equipment. However, there may be required DOB inspections for associated projects that utilize construction equipment such as demolition or new construction. See other Guidelines for these associated projects.

Required Department Inspections

The Department’s Scaffolding Unit performs DOB inspections of all sidewalk shed projects, several weeks after permit issuance. The Contractor must also notify the Scaffolding Unit prior to the removal of any sidewalk shed; the Scaffolding Unit verifies that the exterior building condition is safe and that such sidewalk shed can be removed.

Based on the scope of work, final inspections from different Department Inspection Units may also be required:

  • For demolition projects and new building projects, DOB’s BEST inspectors perform these final inspections.

  • For façade repair work, final inspections are performed by the Scaffolding Unit.

Prior to any DOB inspections, Contractors must:

  • Confirm that all construction work completed matches the approved drawings.

  • Perform periodic and installation inspections, as required by BC 3307.6.5.7 through BC 3307.6.5.10 to ensure that no safety hazards exist on the active construction project.

  • Confirm that work complies with code and other requirements.

Other Required Inspections

Installation Inspections

Upon completion of the installation of a sidewalk shed, the shed shall be inspected by a qualified person to verify that it is in a safe condition and has been installed in accordance with the Code requirements. The qualified inspector must prepare a new installation inspection written report.

Periodic Inspection

Sidewalk shed shall be inspected by a qualified person every six months. A written inspection report shall be prepared each time.

Inspection Following an Adjustment or Repair

Following a repair or adjustment at a site, the sidewalk shed shall be inspected by a qualified person. The written results of the inspection shall be recorded, signed, and dated by the person who performed the inspection.

Daily Inspection

Sidewalk sheds shall be visually inspected daily by the General Contractor, or if a Contractor is not available, by the competent/qualified person. Written reports shall be maintained.

*Note: Except for Temporary Hoistways, Construction Equipment projects do not require a final inspection.*

DOT Inspections

Temporary Construction Equipment projects may require a final inspection by the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT).

Inspection Requests

An online tool for scheduling appointments for required DOB inspections must be used. This system, DOB NOW: Inspections provides the ability to request and cancel appointments online, as well as view inspection results and documentation.

Additional Requirements for Registrant

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