Registrant Project Requirements:
Solar Work & Site Requirements

Solar installations require multiple permits. For solar PV systems, an electrical permit and a construction work permit are required. The electrical permit is issued to a NYC-Licensed Master Electrician (LME).  A construction work permit is issued to NYC General Contractor. The general construction permit is issued to a NYC licensed General Contractor.

Only the above licensees — or the employees they supervise — may work on these systems.  The Department of Buildings issues licenses to Skilled Tradespeople who are qualified to perform work related to their trade. LMEs must have a place of business in New York City — not a home office. See the NYC Administrative Codes §28-408 and §28-410.

In addition, General Contractors (GC) and NYC-Registered Home Improvement Contractors (HIC) will need a license for all alteration work in 1-, 2-, 3- , 4-family homes or individual apartments in condos/co-ops. HIC licenses are issued by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs.

Solar Work Permit

All Skilled Trades and licensed Contractors must register first to use the Department’s online permit processing ePermit system. A permit application must be completed online by the licensed registered professional for the issuance of a solar installation permit. Prior to issuing a permit for the approved project, the following are required:

  • Payment of any unpaid project application fees

  • Identification of responsible Special Inspection Agencies

  • Request for waiver of penalties, stop work orders or violations (former L2 Form).

  • Licensee must have his/her license and insurance active and current

Work Site Safety Requirements

The Administrative Code of the City of New York §28-301.1 requires Owners to maintain their properties in a safe condition. Property Owners, Contractors and Construction Site Managers must minimize the risk of accidents and fire.

Site Safety Regulations

Constructing Safe Shanties

Build shanties or contractor sheds with fire-retardant or non-combustible materials in safe areas (NYC Building Code §3303.1.3).

Tenant/Occupant Protection Plan

Construction documents for renovation in an occupied building during construction shall include a Tenant Protection Plan.  Such plan shall contain a statement that the building contains dwelling units, offices, or similar, that will be occupied during construction. It shall also include the specific units that are occupied during construction and the means and methods employed to safeguard the safety and health of the occupants with details such as temporary fire-rated assemblies, opening protectives, or dust containment procedures.  The elements of the Tenant Protection Plan shall have detailed and specific provisions for egress, fire safety, structural safety, health requirements, and demonstrate compliance with housing standards and noise restrictions (AC §28-104.8.4).

In an occupied building, protective means (barricades, signs, drop cloths, etc.) shall be installed and maintained as necessary to provide protection for the occupants against construction hazards and nuisances. Such protective means shall be indicated on the tenant protection plan per NYC BC §3303.10.

Additional Requirements for Registrant

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