Registrant Project Requirements:
Outdoor Swimming Pool:
Work & Inspections

Special Inspections

As per Chapter 17 of the Building Code, swimming pool projects may require certain Special and Progress Inspections to be performed during and at the end of construction as outlined in the table below. Prior to approval, the Applicant of Record is required to identify all required Special and Progress Inspections (BC 1704.1).  Prior to DOB permit issuance, the owner must typically engage a registered Special Inspection Agency (SIA) who will take responsibility for the Special and Progress Inspections. The applicant of Record may perform these inspections if they are also an SIA. Inspection discrepancies and hazardous conditions shall be reported to the superintendent of construction, as well as to the site safety coordinator or site safety manager, for correction, per BB 2016-006 and 1 RCNY 101-06. Per BC 1704.1.2, the Contractor cannot hire the special inspector.

Based on the scope of work, a pool project may be required to comply with the following Special and Progress Inspection requirements:

Concrete – Cast-in-Place

Required where the total concrete placement on a given project is more than 50 cubic yards or other conditions (BC 1704.4)

Subgrade Conditions

Existing subsurface conditions such as soil, compaction, borings, test pits, etc. in order to better evaluate the supporting structure’s footing and foundation needs as per BC 1704.7.

Excavations – Sheeting, Shoring and Bracing

Methods employed to protect the sides of excavations shall be subject to Special Inspections in accordance with Sections BC 1704.20.6 through BC 1704.20.9.

Footings and Foundation

An inspection after excavations for footings is complete and any required reinforcing steel and required forms are in place per BC 110.3.1.


Load bearing masonry, glass unit masonry and masonry veneer shall be inspected and verified in accordance with the requirements of sections BC 1704.5.1 through 1704.5.3, depending on the structural occupancy category of the building or structure.

Final Inspection

A final inspection is required prior to the issuance of a letter of completion, per AC 28- and BC 110.5

Energy Code Compliance Inspections

Exterior lighting power: density must be within allowances per NYCECC C405.5 or be equipped with a control device

Additionally, for bathing establishments, a Construction Compliance Certificate shall be submitted by a NYS P.E. or R.A. to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, as required by NYC Health Code Section 165.07.

Required Inspections

During the Swimming Pool installation work, DOB inspections are required at various stages of work, as well as for final completion. Based on the scope of work, the following inspections from different DOB Inspection Units may be required:

  • Excavation – as needed including, shoring and underpinning.

  • Plumbing – at various stages: underground roughing and finish.

  • Construction Inspections – Final Inspection

  • Electrical Inspection – As required, an electrical tag shall be attached in the field or shop after an inspection

*Note: For public pools and bathing establishments, a NYC DOHMH compliance inspection is required, as per NYC Health Code 165.07.*

Contractors and property Owners should make sure to schedule and complete all of the required DOB inspections.  Prior to scheduling an inspection, Contractors must:

  • Confirm that all construction work completed matches the approved drawings

  • Throughout the project, periodically check that no safety hazards exist on the active construction project

  • Confirm that work complies with the Building Code, Zoning Resolution, and other requirements

  • Confirm that all Energy Code requirements are met

  • Schedule and complete all Special and Progress Inspections performed by SIAs.

Contractor Self-Certification of Inspections

Plumbing Contractors have the option to either request a DOB Inspection or submit a self-certification of the completed work. Such contractors opting to self-certify must submit a notice of intent to self-certify, with the dates of these self-certified inspections to DOB, and submit the results for such self-certified inspections.

DOB inspection units conduct random audits of all self-certified notices to ensure inspected work complies with code and regulations.

Other Regulations

  • DOB inspections may be required during various project stages. Such inspection requests may be made online, and any objections raised may be resolved on-line.

  • The results of Special Inspection may be submitted online by a Special Inspection Agency.

  • Depending on the above, DOB or the applicant should complete the final sign-off inspection to close the project.

  • The applicant must submit revised ‘As-Built’ drawings, indicating all changes, prior to project sign-off.

Inspection Requests

An online tool for scheduling appointments for required DOB inspections must be used.  DOB NOW provides robust online accounts, making it easier to submit applications, make payments, schedule appointments, check the status of an application or inspection, pull permits, and make renewals.

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