Obtain a: NYC Class 2 Code and Zoning Representative Registration

UPDATE: New License Application Requirement 
New License Application Service Notice - As of September 7, 2021, all new license applications are required to be submitted online at nyc.gov/dobnow. See the New License Application User Guide for step-by-step directions.

NOTE: The Licensing & Exams Unit will not be accepting any walk-in transactions, or paper applications for this process.

Step 1: Registration Criteria

To become a registered Class 2 Code and Zoning Representative, you must:

  • Meet registration qualifications. (See Step 2)
  • Apply for registration and pay the required fees. (See Step 3)

Section 28-416.2 of the New York City Administrative Code exempts the following persons from registration:

  • Owners
  • Professional Engineers
  • Registered Architects
  • NYS Licensed Attorneys
  • Master Plumbers
  • Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractors
  • Master Electricians

Step 2: Registration Qualifications

Applicants applying for a Class 2 Code and Zoning Representative Registration must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old; and
  • Must have a four-year college degree in architecture or engineering from an accredited college.

To obtain a Class 2 Code and Zoning Representative Registration, you must complete the following training requirements:

Step 3: Applying for Your Registration

To become a registered Class 2 Code and Zoning Representative, you must upload PDF scans of the documentation listed below via the DOB NOW Portal. Applicants that do not currently have an eFiling account will need to create an account by completing the registration form.

Please see the New License Application User Guide for step-by-step directions.

You must upload PDF scans of the following original documentation. Documents must be scanned PDFs; pictures of documents will not be accepted. The following documentation is required for Class 2 applicants:

  • Typed and completed Filing Representative Application LIC8 form
  • Signed Code of Conduct confirmation receipt
  • Typed and completed Experience Verification Form from each professional engineer or registered architect who is attesting to job filings you are claiming as experience where your information does not appear on the PW1 form. Limited alteration applications, post-approval amendments, electrical applications, and demolition applications cannot be credited toward the filing requirement.
  • Certificate of Completion obtained after completion of 36-Hour Department-Approved Course - Applicants will not be able to obtain registration until the 36-Hour Department-Approved Course is completed and a Certificate of Completion is received; course information will be provided if the applicant passes the background investigation.
  • Four-year college degree
  • Original Photo ID (driver's license, learner's permit, passport, or green card)
  • Original Social Security card
  • Original proof of residence (utility bill, lease, deed or bank statement). Cell phone bills or credit card statements will not be accepted. If you are unable to provide proof of residence in your name, you may submit a notarized letter from the person you reside with verifying that you reside with them, along with proof of residence in their name
  • A typed, notarized letter from your employer on their company's letterhead verifying your employment and authorization to represent the company; or a typed, notarized letter verifying that you are self-employed
  • Typed and completed Child Support Certification Form
  • Background Investigation Fee - $330.00 payable within the DOB NOW Portal
    For questions pertaining to your background investigation or to find out the status, please send inquiries to lbackgrounds@buildings.nyc.gov.
  • License Issuance Fee - $150.00 payable within the DOB NOW Portal

Step 4: Obtain the Registration Card

If the Department determines you meet all the qualifications and you pass the Background Investigation, you will be able to schedule an appointment within the DOB NOW Portal to take picture and receive the Class 2 Filing Representative registration card. You have one (1) year from the date of the letter to obtain your registration. If you do not complete the process within the one (1) year timeframe, you may be required to begin the process from the beginning, including going through the background investigation again.

For more information, visit the Department website at nyc.gov/buildings.

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