Key Project Terms: Construction Equipment - Temporary Hoists

The following is a list of useful terms to use when researching additional Temporary Hoist information on each of the topics discussed:

Base Pad

The foundation of the mast to support the hoist structure and its load.

Hoist Car

The load-carrying unit, including its platform, car frame, car enclosure and car door gate.


The addition or removal of mast or tower allowing a change in the hoist service elevation.


The stationary portion of a floor, balcony, or surface used to receive and discharge passengers or freight from the car.

Mast (Mast Tower)

A vertical structure, tied to the building, which supports and guides the hoist car or cage.

Personnel Hoist

These are used for hoisting and lowering workers, materials, or both, and are equipped with a car that moves vertically on guide members.


A work surface elevated above lower levels, constructed of individual wood planks, fabricated planks or fabricated decks.

Rise (Travel)

The vertical distance between the bottom terminal landing and the top terminal landing of a hoist.

Runback Structure

A temporary system of hoist landing runways, vertical supports and horizontal diaphragms designed to bridge between the hoist and the parent structure and to transmit both vertical and horizontal loads to the supporting structure and/or foundation.


A horizontal member that connects the hoist mast to the building or other structure at vertical intervals not over 30 feet.

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  1. Building Systems Installation & Modifications

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