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BSA Approval Minutes

The approved Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA) standard design of sidewalk sheds that can be used, and which are referenced on submitted drawings, in lieu of a registered design professional’s seal and stamp on the submission.

Cross Bracing

Additional bracing that forms a cross shape to keep the columns plumb and square.

Heavy Duty Sidewalk Shed

A sidewalk shed designed to carry a load of at least 300 pounds per square foot.

Junior Beams

Unlike the main steel beams, junior beams span in between the main structural elements, similar to joists.

Light Duty Sidewalk Shed

A sidewalk shed designed to carry a load of at least 150 pounds per square foot.

Load Effects (sidewalk shed)

Forces and deformations produced by the applied loads in the structural members of the sidewalk shed.

Main Beams

Main horizontal structural elements located between columns/posts of sidewalk shed.

Material (for construction of the sidewalk shed)

As required by BC Chapter 33, sidewalk sheds shall be constructed out of wood, steel, or similar materials which possesses equivalent strength and suitability.

Mud Sill

Mud sills are placed on the sidewalk, which prevent the scaffold/sidewalk shed from settling into the ground. The purpose of the mud sill under the scaffold / sidewalk shed base plate is to uniformly distribute the scaffold load.

Parapet Panel

Sidewalk shed parapet panels are another part of the pedestrian protection system.


The horizontal bracing situated lengthwise along the sidewalk shed for support.

Safety Netting System

Debris nets, installed vertically along the top of a site fence to the underside of a sidewalk shed, which are part of the protection system for pedestrians.


Any emporary elevated platform and its supporting structure (including points of anchorage) used for supporting workers and/or materials, including but not limited to supported scaffolds, suspended scaffolds, and mobile scaffolds.

Sidewalk Shed

A sidewalk shed is a temporary 1-story scaffold structure constructed over a public way to protect pedestrians from objects falling from a building demolition or construction site.

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