Key Project Terms: Chutes (Construction Equipment)

The following is a list of useful terms to use when researching additional Construction Fence information on each of the topics discussed:

Concrete Encasement of Posts (Gate and Fence)

As required to further ensure the fence’s stability and strength.


A fence is part of the temporary construction equipment required at a site, and is used to protect pedestrians from the hazards on a site created by ongoing demolition, excavation and construction operations.


The gate posts, gate frames, latch posts, rollers & safety covers for rollers designed to ensure efficient construction, and maintain the fence gate’s stability, strength and safe operation.

Load Effects (fence)

Forces and deformation produced by the applied wind loads on the fence.

Site Safety Plans/Projects

A site safety plan is required for all major buildings, including new buildings, alterations and demolition projects that are 10 stories or greater, or façade work on buildings that are 15 stories or greater, as detailed in BC 3310. The requirements for a Site Safety Plan includes all requirements needed to protect the public areas and adjoining properties by providing a detailed list of construction logistics, including the locations of all forms of site protection equipment, such as fences, sidewalk sheds, locations of adjoining buildings, safety netting, etc. as outlined in AC 28-110.1.

Structural Supports

The posts, frames, braces, and rods to properly support of the fence by keeping it rigid, plumb and safe.

Viewing Panels

Utilized by the public to safely view construction operations. Viewing panels are blocked with plexiglass or an equivalent non-frangible material, as outlined in BC 3307.7.3.

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