Construction Advisories

Construction Advisory are official messages from the Department of Buildings to homeowners, building maintenance staff, construction personnel and others addressing safety issues and best practices in NYC construction.

2023 Construction Advisories

Issuance Date  Advisory No. Advisory  Purpose
08-02-2023 2023-005 Hot Weather Concrete

This advisory provides suggested hot weather concrete mitigation measures to prevent freshly mixed or hardened concrete from being impaired.

06-26-2023 2023-004 Fire Pump Testing 2014 Code This advisory clarifies fire pump testing requirements set forth in NYC Building Code Chapter 9 and NFPA 20, NFPA 25 and NFPA 14, as modified by BC Appendix Q and introduces new fire pump test forms that replace current form FP-86. 
05-22-2023 2023-003 Exterior Insulation & Finish Systems (EIFS) Water damage is correlated with many defects seen in EIFS buildings. This advisory provides common EIFS issues to remind QEWIs and RDPs to verify correct EIFS installation, ensure compliance with applicable Codes, and is in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.
04-26-2023 2023-002 Cold Form Steel Improperly installed and overloaded Cold-Formed Steel construction can be dangerous. For 2022 Code projects see Section 3305.8 of the 2022 NYC Building Code for further information. For 2014 Code projects see Buildings Bulletin 2019-011 for more information.
04-26-2023 2023-001 Stand-off Bracket The Department has identified the use of stand-off brackets attached to cornice hooks as a contributing factor in suspended scaffolding incidents and has is prohibited use since September 25, 2019 per Buildings Bulletin 2019-006 and 2022 New York City Construction Code BC 3314.10 .14.

2022 Construction Advisories

Issuance Date  Advisory No. Advisory  Purpose
12-05-2022 2022-001 Improperly Constructed Stone Balustrades Provide permit holders and property owners relevant information about stone balustrades and the dangers of improperly installed and constructed stone balustrades.

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