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Summer Safety

Bicycle and Scooter Safety

Man playing with child wearing a helmet. Text reads: Get their gear on before they roll on. Summer Fun - Play it Safe

Bicycling and scootering are one of the best ways to for children and their parents to get exercise and see the sights. However, children face many hazards and must the follow safety precautions to prevent injury. Help set your kids up for a great ride by making sure they have all the right equipment in place and follow these tips on Bicycle and Scooter Safety.

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The word Park is displayed above an illustration of a car. The word Look is displayed above an illustration of an eye. The word Lock is displayed above an illustration of a lock.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission (NHTSA), vehicular heatstroke is one of the leading causes of non-crash-related fatalities among children.

Many of these incidents involve a parent or caregiver forgetting a child was in the vehicle or a child playing unattended in a vehicle. Parents and caregivers can act immediately to prevent these deaths by never leaving a child unattended in a vehicle, not even for a minute! Even with the windows rolled down or the air conditioning on, a child's body temperature can rise three to five times faster than an adult's. You can prevent hot car deaths by visiting Park-Look-Lock.

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Playground Safety

Person pushing a child on the swing. Text reads: Play it wise and supervise. Summer Fun - Play it Safe

Playing in playgrounds is great for your child's physical, social and thinking development. By staying close to your child, especially when they're trying something new or complicated, you can help keep playground visits safe and give your child the confidence to develop movement skills.

Playground Safety is about supervising children and checking whether equipment is safe for them.

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Water & Pool Safety

Person playing with a child in a yellow, inflatable water tube. The child is wearing red sunglasses. Text reads: Supervised Fun Makes Water Safe for Everyone - Play it Safe

Summer months are filled with fun, festive activities like trips to the playground and beaches, pool parties and backyard barbecues. The ACS Office of Child Safety and Injury Prevention encourages parents and caregivers to take a moment to familiarize themselves with potential hazards and how they can prevent injuries to children.

When you think about places where kids are around water, you may think of recreational areas such as pools, lakes, or oceans but it's important to also keep in mind areas in your home like bathrooms and buckets where kids can get into water. View the tips for Water and Pool Safety.

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Window Guards

Parent holding a child. The parent is pointing out of the window with window guards in it as the child looks on. Text reads: Window Guards in Place Make a Safe Space - Summer Fun - Play it Safe

As spring and summer arrive and the weather gets warmer, many families may want to open their windows to let the fresh air in. But open windows can pose a serious risk to curious children. Each year, 3,500 -5,000 U.S. children are hospitalized after falling from an open window. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), toddlers and preschool-aged kids have the highest likelihood of falling from a window and getting seriously hurt, many suffering serious and sometimes fatal head injuries. The best way to prevent accidental window falls are to watch your children around open windows and install window guards or window stops. View the tips for Window Guards.

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