14th Street Select Bus Service with Truck & Transit Priority Pilot Project

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14th Street Select Bus Service with Truck & Transit Priority Pilot Area

14th Street Update

On Monday, July 1, 2019, M14A/D Select Bus Service will begin along 14th Street in Manhattan.

UPDATE: The previously announced plans to only permit buses and trucks on 14th Street between 3rd and 9th Avenues seven days a week, 6AM to 10PM will not take effect on Monday, July 1 as a result of the court ruling. Vehicles will be allowed to use the bus lanes at all hours of the day. As we provide the court with request materials we will continue to keep the public updated on plans and timetables as they are available.

Statement from NYC DOT:

“Our plans for 14th Street are the centerpiece of our Better Buses plan, with ambitious goals to increase bus speeds. Today’s disappointing ruling will affect tens of thousands of M14 bus riders each day. We understand from MTA that M14 Select Bus Service [SBS] will be moving forward this Monday [July 1, 2019], but the ruling means that for the first time in 11 years SBS will operate without the trademarked dedicated lanes that have dramatically increased bus speeds and reliability around the City.

“We will provide the information the court has requested. We are confident in both our traffic analysis, and that the court will recognize that we followed all correct procedures, allowing this critically important safety and mobility project to proceed.”


Beginning July 1, 2019, coinciding with the launch of the new M14A/D Select Bus Service (SBS), the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) will pilot a Transit & Truck Priority design on 14th Street, between 3rd Avenue and 9th Avenue.

The M14A/D is a major transit artery connecting the Lower East Side to Union Square and the Meatpacking District. Currently the local service along this route is one of the most heavily used in the city, carrying 27,000 riders daily. The Transit & Truck Priority pilot takes an innovative design approach to increase speeds and reliability for the new M14A/D SBS, benefitting the thousands of riders who live and work in the area, while improving safety along a Vision Zero Priority Corridor and retaining an important truck route.


The Transit & Truck Priority pilot project includes new pavement markings and regulatory signs that limit through traffic between 3rd Avenue and 9th Avenue to buses, trucks, and emergency vehicles from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., while maintaining local access for all other vehicles. At all times, left turns off of the Transit & Truck Priority corridor will be restricted for all vehicles, except for MTA buses at signed locations. Curb regulations will be updated to prioritize short-term commercial loading and pickup/drop-off activity, in order to ensure turnover and consistent access to the curb. The circulation changes and curb regulations included in this project are directly tied to its potential for success; they prioritize bus movements along the corridor and reduce turns across heavily trafficked crosswalks, which are associated with high rates of pedestrian injuries. Additional bus priority lanes and traffic signal improvements are being added to other parts of the M14A/D routes.

New driving restrictions will be enforced through automated bus lane cameras along 14th Street as well as through NYPD patrol. Camera enforcement violations will be preceded by a 60 day warning period.

The pilot project also includes additional elements such as new pedestrian space around Union Square, painted curb extensions to shorten pedestrian crossings, and plastic bus boarders that enable buses to drop-off and pickup passengers more quickly and reduce crowding on sidewalks.

14th Street Transit & Truck Priority Pilot Project – Typical Design
14th Street Transit & Truck Priority Pilot Project – Typical Design

Select Bus Service

The Select Bus Service toolkit consists of a set of customizable elements that can be uniquely implemented on each corridor to optimize their benefits. M14A/D SBS implementation will help to reduce time spent waiting for the bus, boarding the bus, and traveling along the route, while providing a more comfortable bus ride and addressing pedestrian and traffic safety issues. The benefits of SBS include the following:
  • Faster boarding with off-board fare payment and the ability to board the bus through any door
  • Faster, more reliable bus service with dedicated bus lanes to avoid congestion
  • Less time waiting at traffic lights with signal priority for buses (Transit Signal Priority)
  • Know when the next bus is coming with real-time information displays
  • Get directions at bus stops with neighborhood map displays
  • A more comfortable wait with improved bus shelters and benches
  • Safer streets and crossings with high-visibility crosswalks, improved medians, and reconfigured intersections

How to Use 14th Street During the Transit & Truck Priority Pilot

During the 14 Street Transit & Truck Priority pilot project, only buses, trucks—defined as any vehicle that has more than two axles or six or more wheels, and emergency vehicles will be able to use 14th Street between 3rd Avenue and 9th Avenue, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., 7 days a week. All other vehicles will still be able to make local trips to access the curb and garages along 14th Street but must make the next available right turn.

These restrictions will be enforced through automated cameras along 14th Street and NYPD traffic agents may also issue summonses. Use this map to determine how to best navigate where you need to go.

New 14th Street Regulations:

6AM To 10PM
  • Only buses and trucks may make through trips between 9th Avenue and 3rd Avenue.
  • All other vehicles may make local trips to access the curb and garages, but must turn at the next available right.
  • Commercial vehicles may load and unload in short-term metered loading zones.
  • Passenger vehicles may drop-off and pickup all along the corridor.
10PM To 6AM
  • All vehicles may make through trips along the corridor.
  • No Parking regulations allow expeditious loading and unloading along the corridor.
All Times
  • All vehicles are restricted from making left turns off of 14th Street (except MTA buses at signed locations).

14th Street Truck and Transit Pilot Corridor Map (pdf)

14th Street Transit & Truck Priority Map

For more information about types of vehicles allowed in the corridor, where commercial loading is permitted, where passengers can be picked up or dropped off and more commonly asked questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Community Outreach and Reports


Community groups and local stakeholders have valuable input on the 14TH Street Transit & Truck Priority Pilot Project and M14A/D SBS planning process. DOT and MTA make presentations to these groups to share information about SBS and receive feedback throughout the planning process.


Brochure: 14th Street Transit & Truck Priority Pilot Project: 9th Avenue to 3rd Avenue Download the brochure (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I be dropped off or picked up?
  • Pickups and drop-offs are allowed throughout the corridor; drivers are responsible for following traffic rules. For some, it may be faster to arrange for pickup or drop-off at the closest adjacent avenue.
Why are left turns banned?
  • Left turn bans keep buses from getting stuck behind turning vehicles and increase pedestrian safety; left turns are associated with high rates of pedestrian injuries.
Why are trucks allowed?
  • 14th Street is a designated truck route. Allowing trucks helps to limit truck traffic on side streets.
Which vehicles are considered trucks?
  • Any vehicle that has more than two axles OR six or more wheels is considered a truck.

DOT 160629 Freight Movement in NYC DOT 170602 Freight Movement in Staten Island
Examples of accepted trucks in corridor at all times.
Where is commercial loading allowed?
  • Short-term loading zones are provided along the corridor every day from 6 am to 10 pm; meters are in effect Monday to Saturday.
How is Transit & Truck Priority enforced?
  • Restrictions are enforced through automated cameras along 14th Street. NYPD traffic agents may also issue summonses.
How are curb regulations enforced?
  • Curb regulations are enforced by NYPD traffic agents; automated cameras may only be used for bus lane enforcement.
How will this project be monitored and evaluated?
  • Data on bus performance, safety, parking, traffic, trucks, and pedestrians will be collected and publicly reported regularly. Continued community engagement will enable regular public input.

Contact Us

Select Bus Service is a joint project of the New York City Department of Transportation and MTA New York City Transit (NYCT). Like other bus service, M14A/D Select Bus Service is operated by NYCT. If you have questions or comments about the M14A/D Select Bus Service, including bus schedules, fare collection machines, fare enforcement, or general MTA issues (Metrocard, subway) please contact the MTA online or call 511.

If you have a transportation-related problem, comment or question about the 14th Street Truck & Transit Priority Pilot Project, contact the Commissioner online, or send a letter. You may also reach out to Kimberly Rancourt, the project contact person, at 14StTTP@dot.nyc.gov or 212.839.6210.

Contact the Commissioner online (English)

Send a letter:
Commissioner, Department of Transportation
55 Water Street, 9th Floor
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