Bus Forward

Bus Forward

The New York City Department of Transportation in coordination with the MTA are committed to working together to improve bus service citywide, ensuring that New Yorkers have bus service that they can depend on at any time of the day. In order to improve service quickly and at a reasonable cost, the City commits to growing the Select Bus Service program and addressing critical bottlenecks in local bus service.

Additionally, the City is undertaking a comprehensive Citywide Transit Plan in order to understand the current state of the transit system, how it is meeting the needs of New Yorkers, and how the City is growing in order to develop our vision for the future of transit in New York City.

Growing the SBS Program

Based on the results of data analysis and public feedback through workshops, on-street surveying and online feedback, NYC DOT and the MTA have identified 21 candidate corridors across the city for the next phase of SBS.

The existing SBS network has over 309,000 daily riders, 12% of city bus ridership. With the addition of the 21 proposed SBS routes, over 800,000 daily bus riders would be on routes with fast and reliable service, over 32% of city bus ridership.

By continuing to grow the SBS network, we are focusing on key issues including improving job access across the City and providing service on trips not well served by the subway and rail systems.

Improving Local Bus Corridors

Complementing the interagency commitment to SBS, NYC DOT and the MTA are committed to the Bus Forward program – improving the customer experience by making buses across the city faster and more reliable. Using tools from the bus priority toolkit, we are taking tangible steps to make changes on local bus corridors to improve travel speed and reliability for riders.

NYC DOT and the MTA will be examining a first round of these priority corridors through planning and outreach that will take place over the next year with expected implementation in 2018 and 2019.

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