Paying Your Fare

Select Bus Service fare is the same as for the subway and local and limited bus service. Customers need to pay their fare prior to boarding at machines at Select Bus Service stops. One can pay by MetroCard or coin. Customers will be issued a proof-of-payment receipt, or “ticket,” which they must hold during their trip to show to an inspector who may be riding the bus or at a bus stop. All transfers will work the same way they do today. Only customers who pay with coins and need a bus transfer will need to enter through the front door to ask the bus operator for a transfer. Otherwise, customers may board the bus through any door. There is no need to show anything to the bus driver. Just keep the receipt that was issued by the machine. On the S79 SBS route on Hylan Boulevard, however, customers continue to pay their fares on the bus in the conventional manner. Learn more about SBS fare payment from the MTA

sidewalk MetroCard fare machine
sidewalk coin fare machine

Paying your fare

  • pay at sidewalk MetroCard or coin machines before boarding the bus
  • take your ticket
  • enter through any door of the bus

Paying your fare at the MetroCard machine

  1. push the Start button
  2. insert your MetroCard (all MetroCards are accepted)
  3. take your ticket and keep it for the duration of your bus ride

Paying your fare at the coin machine

  1. push the yellow button if you pay reduced fare, or the black button if you pay full fare
  2. take your ticket and keep it for the duration of your bus ride

Video Guides to Riding SBS