Vision Zero Markings on TLC-Licensed Vehicles

The markings on the 135,000 vehicles TLC licenses are increasingly reflecting New York City’s focus on safety.

Image for Look for Cyclists

TLC has been distributing free “LOOK for Cyclists” stickers at its Woodside Safety and Emissions Facility. These stickers are placed inside the passenger door to remind passengers to be cautious when exiting the vehicle.

Image for Turning?

Driver and pedestrian collisions are particularly prevalent when drivers are making left turns. These driver-facing “Turning? People are Crossing" stickers serve as a constant reminder to exercise particular caution when making turns.

Image for Vision Zero bumper sticker

TLC has also been distributing free “Your Choices Matter” bumper stickers to TLC licensees to support the NYC Department of Transportation’s campaign to encourage all drivers to make safe choices behind the wheel.