Accessible Street Hail Livery Operational Payments

Accessible Street Hail Livery (ASHL) permit holders who operate wheelchair accessible green taxis are eligible to receive a $2,000 operational payment every six months.

Owners are eligible for operational payments if they meeting the following requirements:

  • Have an active ASHL permit
  • Own a wheelchair accessible green taxi
  • Passed their last inspection within the last six months and continue to receive and pass all future vehicle inspections
  • Completed 250 or more trips during last six months and continue to complete at least 250 trips every six months.

To apply for ASHL operational payments please complete the following steps:

NYC TLC: SHL Grant Unit
31-00 47th Avenue 3rd floor
Long Island City, NY 11101

Each ASHL grant applicant must enroll for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or make changes to their existing bank account information through the Payee Information Portal (PIP):

Please note, the ASHL operation payment applicant must enroll for EFT only once for each SSN/EIN, even if you are applying for multiple ASHL operational payments. If you have any questions regarding EFT enrollment, please contact the FISA Help Center at 212.857.1777 or  for assistance.

ASHL permit owners will receive ASHL operational payments only after meeting all qualifications for ASHL operational payments and successfully enrolling in the ASHL operational payment program. NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission issues operational payments biannually in January and July. NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission must receive applications no later than June 30 to be considered for the July payment and no later than December 31 to be considered for the January payment.

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