NYC Health Benefits Program

Effective Dates of Coverage

Coverage becomes effective according to the following:

For Retirees

If you file the Health Benefits Application for continuation of coverage into retirement with your agency payroll or personnel office prior to retirement (ideally provide 4 to 6 weeks notice), coverage begins on the day of retirement for most retirees. Employees who had previously waived coverage can reenroll upon retirement. The effective date of the reinstatement will be the date of retirement, or the first day of the month following the processing of the health benefits application. An enrollment is considered late if an application is fi led more than 30 days after the event that made the retiree or dependent eligible. In cases of late enrollment, coverage will begin on the first day of the month following the processing of a Health Benefits Application.


For Eligible Dependents

Coverage for eligible dependents listed on your Health Benefits Application will begin on the day that you become covered. Dependents acquired after you submit your application will be covered from the date of marriage, domestic partnership, birth or adoption; provided that you submit the required notification and documentation within 30 days of the event (see Changes in Family Status Section).