NYC Health Benefits Program

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Employee Responsibilities & Health Benefits Assistance

Your Responsibilities

It is important that you know how your health plan works and what is required of you.Read More


Here are some important things that you need to remember:

  • Complete an enrollment form to add new dependents (newborn, adoption, marriage) within 30 days after the event;
  • Notify your agency and your health plan in writing when your address changes;
  • Review your payroll check to ensure appropriate premiums are deducted;
  • Know your rights and responsibilities under COBRA continuation coverage.

Coverage for Employees 65+

If you're age 65 or over, still working for the City and enrolled in the NYC Health Benefits Program, do not use your Medicare card when you visit your doctor's office. Instead, be sure to use the member ID card provided to you by your current HBP health plan.

HBP Coverage for Employees 65+

If You Need Assistance

Who you should contact for assistance and when you should contact them. Read More


Contact your agency health benefits or payroll office or NYCAPS Central at (212) 487-0500. Department of Education employees should contact HR Connect at (718) 935-4000:

  • For questions concerning eligibility and enrollment
  • For questions regarding deductions for health benefits
  • For Transfer Period information
  • To obtain a Health Benefits Application
  • To obtain information and an application for COBRA benefits
  • To change your address
  • If health coverage has been terminated for you and/or your dependents

Employees with access to Employee Self Service (ESS) through CityShare can check their coverage status and make changes.

When Should I Contact My Health Plan?

Find out when you should contact your Health Plan. Read More


(Refer to your health plan identification card or plan booklet for telephone numbers.)

  • If you have questions regarding covered services
  • To obtain written information about covered services
  • For information about the status of pending claims or claim disputes
  • For claim allowances (How much will a plan pay towards a claim?)
  • For health plan service areas

When writing to a health plan, include your name and address, certificate number, date(s) of service, and claim number(s), if applicable. Some plans also allow inquiries through their web sites.

When Should I Contact My Union/Welfare Fund?

Find out when you should contact your Welfare Fund.Read More


For information about:

  • Prescription drug coverage (if applicable)
  • Vision benefits
  • Dental benefits
  • Life Insurance (if applicable)

When Should I, As An Active Employee, Contact The Health Benefits Program?

Find out when an active employee should contact the HBP.Read More

  • To add or drop a domestic partner
  • Prior to retirement, if you have questions concerning your health benefits as a retiree 

Inquiries and questions can be emailed to