2012 Technical Manual

The CEQR Technical Manual (the Manual) assists city agencies, project sponsors, and the public in conducting environmental reviews subject to City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR). The Manual (in PDF format below) summarizes CEQR procedures and provides guidance on the substantive areas of analysis customarily assessed in an environmental review.

Applicability of the CEQR Technical Manual: The CEQR Technical Manual (2012 Edition) was used as guidance for environmental reviews commenced between February 2, 2012 and March 13, 2014. Revisions to Chapters 12, 17, 19 pertaining to (E) Designations were applicable to any environmental review commenced on or after June 18, 2012. Revisions to Chapter 17 pertaining to use of the MOVES emissions model and new guidance to determine 24-hour impacts from fine particulate matter (PM2.5) were applicable to any environmental review commenced on or after June 5, 2013.

This version of the manual is here for reference purposes ONLY and should NOT be used as the guidance for conducting new environmental reviews. The CEQR Technical Manual, November 2020 Edition, should be used for impact analyses commenced on or after December 24, 2020. In the case of impact analyses commenced prior to the release date that are not considered complete as of such date - through the issuance of a Negative Declaration, a Conditional Negative Declaration, or a Final Environmental Impact Statement - the lead agency should consider whether supplementation of the impact analyses to reflect a methodology of the updated CEQR Technical Manual should be conducted, taking into account as necessary the scheduled time of completion of the environmental review under the applicable regulatory approval process.

CEQR Technical Manual, 2012 Edition (Revised 6/5/13)
(Download here as one file – 32.5 MB)
Revisions (6/18/12, 6/5/13)

Introductory Materials:

What's Changed
6/18/12 Revisions
6/5/13 Revisions

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Procedures and Documentation
Chapter 2: Establishing the Analysis Framework
Chapter 3: Introduction to the Technical Guidance
Chapter 4: Land Use, Zoning and Public Policy
Chapter 5: Socioeconomic Conditions
Chapter 6: Community Facilities and Services
Chapter 7: Open Space
Chapter 8: Shadows
Chapter 9: Historic and Cultural Resources
Chapter 10: Urban Design and Visual Resources
Chapter 11: Natural Resources
Chapter 12: Hazardous Materials (Note: Revisions, effective 6/18/12)
Chapter 13: Water and Sewer Infrastructure
Chapter 14: Solid Waste and Sanitation Services
Chapter 15: Energy
Chapter 16: Transportation
Chapter 17: Air Quality (Note: Revisions, 6/18/12 & 6/5/13)
Chapter 18: Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Chapter 19: Noise (Note: Revisions, effective 6/18/12)
Chapter 20: Public Health
Chapter 21: Neighborhood Character
Chapter 22: Construction
Chapter 23: Alternatives
Chapter 24: EIS Summary Chapters


Appendix: Environmental Review Laws and Regulations
Appendix: Open Space Maps:

Staten Island

Appendix: Shadows
Appendix: Hazardous Materials
Appendix: Transportation
Appendix: Air Quality

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