CEQR Access

CEQR Access is an easy-to-use web resource that enables users to retrieve final environmental review documents on projects that are undergoing or have completed review through the City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR) process.

The CEQR Access portal provides project information including the CEQR Number, Project Name, the Project Description, the Lead Agency, project milestones, and access to available documents.

Visit CEQR Access


  1. Search for CEQR projects by typing information you know about the project into the search engine fields or by entering a keyword. Click the *Search for Review* button.
  2. Select the desired project from the search results list by clicking the *CEQR Number.*
  3. A project summary page will be displayed showing the CEQR Number, Project Name, Project Description, the latest project milestone, and the most recent document issued for the project.
  4. To view additional project information and access all available documents click the Files and Details button.


Disclaimer and Notes

The database contains records of CEQR projects, which were filed with the Office from January 1, 2005 to the present. While some older records are available in the database, records that cannot be found on CEQR Access should be requested from the agency that was responsible for preparing it (the “Lead Agency”). If any errors are found in the database, please notify the Mayor’s Office of Environmental Coordination. The Mayor’s Office of Environmental Coordination makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information in the database or its suitability for any purpose, and disclaims any liability for errors that may be contained therein.