2001 Technical Manual

*Archived Versions of the CEQR Technical Manual*

Below are copies of the previous version of the CEQR Technical Manual.

*Note: These versions of the manual are here for reference purposes ONLY and should NOT be used as the guidance for conducting new environmental reviews.  To return to the current version of the CEQR Technical Manual.*

Manual Cover
Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Procedures and Documentation
Chapter 2: Establishing the Analysis Framework
Chapter 3A: Technical Guidance
Chapter 3B: Socioeconomic Conditions
Chapter 3C: Community Facilities and Services

Revised Table 3C-2


Chapter 3D: Open Space
Chapter 3E: Shadows
Chapter 3F: Historic and Cultural Resources
Chapter 3G: Urban Design and Visual Resources
Chapter 3H: Neighborhood Character
Chapter 3I: Natural Resources
Chapter 3J: Hazardous Materials
Chapter 3K: Waterfront Revitalization Program
Chapter 3L: Infrastructure
Chapter 3M: Solid Waste and Sanitation
Chapter 3N: Energy
Chapter 3O: Traffic and Parking
Chapter 3P: Transit and Pedestrians
Chapter 3Q: Air Quality
Chapter 3R: Noise
Chapter 3S: Construction Impacts
Chapter 3T: Public Health
Chapter 3U: Alternatives
Chapter 3V: EIS Summary Chapters
Chapter 4: Glossary

The CEQR Technical Manual Appendices consist of the text of the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA); the Rules of Procedure for City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR); City Environmental Quality Review, Executive Order No. 91 of 1977 as amended; and appendices related to hazardous materials, the City's Waterfront Revitalization Program*, traffic and parking, and air quality. Download the Appendices to the CEQR Technical Manual (PDF).


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