Environmental Quality Review

Welcome to the City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR) portion of our website. This site assists you with understanding what CEQR is, when it applies, and how to go about conducting a review. We hope this site is informative and helpful.

What our website provides:

  • Calendar: browse a listing of public hearings / comment periods
  • Basics: provides materials to get started with CEQR
  • Technical Manual: provides guidance for conducting a CEQR review
  • Forms & Templates: get downloadable documents for use during CEQR Reviews
  • Laws & Regulations: read a brief history of CEQR and access the statutes and regulations governing environmental review in New York City
  • Mayor's Office Environmental Reviews: learn about selected environmental reviews conducted by the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development as the lead agency under CEQR
  • CEQR Access: retrieve final environmental review documents on active and completed City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR) projects filed with MOEC

What MOEC does:

  • Maintains the CEQR Technical Manual
  • Archives all City agency CEQR documents
  • Maintains the City's calendar of CEQR activities
  • Supports agencies in conducting CEQR reviews

How can MOEC help:

  • Answer questions related to CEQR
  • Assist in conducting reviews and with preparing CEQR documentation
  • Provide advice regarding whether CEQR applies and which agency is an appropriate lead agency

For CEQR help, please contact MOEC.