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What Happens If I Do Not Pay?

If you did not pay before the hearing and you did not contest your summons by participating in a hearing then you will be found in violation of the charge by default and a higher penalty may be imposed. 

If you participated in a hearing and a Hearing Officer found you in violation of the charges on the summons, you must pay the penalty imposed. OATH Hearing Officers do not have the discretion to alter or waive a penalty amount because all penalties are set by law. If you do not pay the imposed penalty, and the balance remains unpaid, the City of New York may refer the matter to a collection agency or the City may file papers with the Civil Court of New York City and enter a judgment against you. The Department of Finance, the agency responsible for collecting money that is owed to the City, may also start collection activities

WARNING: If you do not respond, you may be found automatically responsible and you may owe larger penalties. If you do not pay any imposed penalties, you may lose your ability to keep or get a City license, permit or registration. The City might also take further legal action against you.