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Property Clerk Section

11 Front Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: (718) 624-8789
Fax: (718) 624-8791

For the health and safety of all of our employees and the public due to COVID19, all visitors are reminded that they are required to wear face coverings at all times inside our facilities and whenever social distancing is not possible. This includes offices, elevators, hallways and bathrooms. We are all in this together....

The Property Clerk Section is charged with accepting, cataloging, safeguarding, storing, producing as required for court, returning to the legal owner, or otherwise legally disposing of all property coming into the custody of the New York City Police Department. This does not include property actually owned by the Police Department. Approximately two-thirds of all property taken in is evidence required for criminal cases. Other categories of property accepted include the safekeeping of found property, decedent's property, prisoner's property, property no longer needed as evidence or for further investigation, contraband, seized peddler property pending release, serological evidence, and property confiscated for forfeiture proceedings.

Property received by the section includes: cash, jewelry, rifles and guns, various weapons, general property of every description, evidence related to homicides and other crimes (except serological evidence retained by the NYPD Forensic Investigation Division), and vehicles. All property coming into and leaving the Property Clerk Section is subject to strict legal constraints. Evidence property is regularly signed out for presentation to criminal court. Property that can be legally returned to its rightful owner is returned in a timely manner. Contraband is destroyed when it is no longer needed for a criminal case. Unclaimed general property and vehicles are disposed through online public auctions.