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Acceptable Proof of Identity and Address

To claim property of high value, like cash or jewelry, you must present at least one piece of identification that contains your photo. You are encouraged to call before coming in to retrieve property to ensure that all necessary criteria for release of the property are met.

  • Property Clerk Section personnel will accept a valid New York State Department of Motor Vehicles photo driver license, a learner permit, a non-driver's photo ID card or IDNYC (New York City identification card) as sufficient identification needed to release property. No other forms of identification will be required to release property.
  • Temporary/interim New York State Department of Motor Vehicles licenses are not valid as sufficient identification needed to release property.
  • Any person attempting to retrieve property that does not have the identification noted above must present two (2) forms of identification (photo & non-photo) in order to retrieve property.
  • Accepted photo documents include:
    • U.S military photo identification card
    • Out-of-state photo driver license
    • U.S. State Department-issued passport or passport card
    • Foreign passport with a valid J-551 stamp or with a statement on the visa
    • Permanent resident card T-551
    • Welfare/medicaid card with photo
    • New York State or New York City pistol permit with photo
    • Photo identification card issued by local government agency
    • U.S. college identification with photo and transcript
    • U.S. high school identification with photo and report card
  • Accepted non-photo documents include:
    • Credit card
    • Birth certificate/baptismal certificate
    • U.S. social security card
    • U.S. health insurance card/prescription card
    • U.S. utility bill (must include your name and address)
    • U.S. insurance policy (in effect for more than three years)
    • Rent receipt, from building owner or management, showing applicant’s name and address
    • Property tax receipt
    • W-2 yearly income tax form
    • Employment identification card
    • New York State professional license
    • New York State registration document (vehicle/boat)
    • U.S. computer-printed pay stub (must contain your name)
    • U.S. union card
    • Welfare/medicaid card without photo

You must present proper identification to claim property. In some cases, additional forms of identification might be requested.