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Technology and Equipment

The NYPD is the most technologically advanced police department in the nation and utilizes cutting-edge technology and equipment to ensure the safety of both its officers and the communities they’re sworn to protect.

Some of the department's technological advancements and equipment upgrades include:

  • Smartphones for all police officers
  • Tablets for patrol vehicles
  • Ballistic door protection for hundreds of patrol vehicles
  • More Tasers in patrol commands
  • Stronger pepper spray in better canisters
  • Upgraded escape hoods
  • Heavy vests and Kevlar helmets
  • Belt-worn trauma kits
  • Military-grade flashlights
  • The Domain Awareness System, which pools existing live streams of data from multiple sources
  • CompStat 2.0, which provides officers in the field with access to updated and interactive, real-time crime pattern analysis and mapping software
  • Body camera technology that records enforcement encounters
  • ShotSpotter technology that identifies, records, locates, and reports gunshots