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Police Vehicles

The NYPD Support Services Bureau is working to equip all members of the service with the most high-tech, convenient, and fully functional cars possible. Over a two-year period, the Department has put 1,790 marked and 899 unmarked new cars into service. All future vehicles the Department orders will include additional safety features, such as all-wheel drive, automatic vehicle-locator technology, and rear back-up cameras.

Additionally, the Department has been replacing its three-wheel patrol scooters with Smart Cars. The new vehicles are equipped with enhanced safety features, including airbags, a standard anti-lock braking system, and a steel Tridion safety cell that surrounds and protects the officer driving the car. The new single-passenger vehicles are environmentally friendly and are priced at less than half the cost of the scooters.

The Department has also been equipping its patrol vehicles with tablets that provide real-time data for police officers, an important crime-fighting tool. Approximately 2,000 patrol vehicles are currently equipped with the devices. The Department expects to install tablets in another 4,000 vehicles.

The NYPD maintains a fleet of 9,000 vehicles and 115 motorcycles.