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How Did We Do?

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Thank you for visiting the New York City Police Department. We have created a public feedback survey* as part of our ongoing efforts to connect with the people we serve, and to help us to continue to provide excellent service to our communities. Additionally, if you recently filed a criminal complaint, we may send you a text message asking for your feedback in the next month.

Please take the two-minute survey at the link below to tell us about the service you received. Your responses will provide important insights for our employees, and may be used to inform on current practices and improve our work. Responses to the survey may be submitted anonymously and will not impact the outcome of any reported incident.

Additionally, the NYPD has made the results of this survey available to the public. To view citywide and command-level results, click here.

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* This survey is intended to procure general feedback and responses are not monitored. To report a crime in progress, please call 911. To file a formal complaint, please contact the NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) at 212-741-8401 or