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In October 2012, Superstorm Sandy caused the most costly and destructive disaster to impact New York City public housing in its history. The storm’s surge impacted 10 percent of NYCHA’s developments, knocking out power to more than 400 buildings and leaving 386 buildings without heat and hot water. Hundreds of trees on NYCHA property were uprooted, sand piles accumulated up to four feet tall blocking basement doors, and contaminated saltwater permanently destroyed boilers and electrical panels, underground electrical conduits, massive trash compactors and playgrounds. Vehicles piled up in the corner of parking lots and 30-foot long trash compactors were lifted and carried by the storm. Tens of millions of gallons of water was pumped from electrical and gas meter rooms, boiler rooms and other basement spaces. Hurricane Sandy caused over $3 billion in damage to NYCHA properties.

Environmental Assessment

Programmatic Environmental Assessment (PEA) has been prepared to assess the potential impacts of the proposed project on the human environment. The PEA summarizes the project’s purpose and need, project alternatives, the affected environment, and potential environmental consequences for considered alternatives. Download the PEA via the links below:

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