Modernizing NYCHA Properties

As North America’s largest public housing authority, NYCHA owns more than 177,000 apartments in over 2,500 buildings across 335 developments throughout New York City’s five boroughs. These developments presently require more than $78 billion in capital investment due to decades of insufficient funding and deferred maintenance. NYCHA has various programs aimed at continually mobilizing funds and investing in the modernization and long-term sustainability of New York City's public housing.

The Authority's Asset & Capital Management (A&CM) Division and Real Estate Development Department (REDD) lead and manage much of this work, including a multi-billion dollar capital program, a historic real estate transaction portfolio, oversight of partners renovating and managing NYCHA properties, and NYCHA's Sustainability Agenda. Through innovative financing models, strong partnership with residents and other stakeholders, strategic, data-driven portfolio planning, and effective project delivery, we aim to comprehensively modernize all our properties, buildings and apartments.

Major Programs

Capital Projects

Comprehensive Modernization

Connected Communities

Permanent Affordability Commitment Together (PACT)

Recovery & Resilience

Sustainability Agenda

Modernization Strategies & Standards

Design Guidelines


Comprehensive Modernization Consultation White Paper

Connected Communities Guidebook

Open Space Master Plan

What is PACT

Climate Adaptation

Flood Resilience at NYCHA

CPD Sustainability Agenda

Urban Forest

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Capital Investment Needs

NYCHA undertakes a physical needs assessment (PNA) exercise approximately every five years to estimate the magnitude of capital investments required across the Authority's properties to bring them to a good state of repair and ensure their long-term viability. The results of the PNA inform capital investment planning and prioritization across NYCHA’s property modernization programs. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the 2023 PNA, as well as the 2023 PNA Technical Report and Data File, are linked below.

2023 Physical Needs Assessment (PNA) FAQ

2023 Physical Needs Assessment (PNA) Technical Report

2023 Physical Needs Assessment (PNA) Data File

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