Letters of Support

The NYC Continuum of Care (NYC CoC) may support community members in pursuit of other sources of funding for their programs.

General NYC CoC Letters of Support

If you are interested in receiving a letter of support, please submit your request at the start of your process but at least seven business days prior to the non-CoC RFP deadline, unless otherwise directed by the CoC. Please note during the HUD NOFA, CoC Evaluation, or other high-volume work periods, additional time may be needed to fulfill your request. Completed letter of support will be emailed to the person requesting the letter regardless of who it is addressed to (e.g. a consultant requesting a letter on behalf of another person and or agency).

Please use the following form to request a letter of support from the NYC CoC. This form can be used for all funding opportunities that require letters of support as a part of your application package.

Click Here to Submit a Letter of Support Request!

Upon completion of this form, please notify Jonathan Martinez (Martinezjo@dss.nyc.gov) via email that you have submitted a request.

Department of Social Services (DSS) Letters of Support

For organizations interested in receiving a Letter of Support from the Department of Social Services (DSS), follow the DSS Letter of Support Procedure to submit a request. DSS asks that applicants submit their requests at least two (2) weeks prior to the RFP deadline.

For more information click here to visit DSS Letters of Support webpage.